Svenska ord (LEXIN) was previously published as a book by Skolverket, as part of the LEXIN series (Lexicon for immigrants). The dictionary was developed firstly as a Swedish base for bilingual dictionaries from a Swedish perspective. In addition, it serves as a monolingual Swedish dictionary, Svenska ord.

In the search tool Karp, the fourth edition is made available, while the second edition is still available for limited download (see below).

The first, second and fourth edition of Svenska ord were mainly developed at the Department of Swedish. Further information about the first editions of the dictionary can be found in the published version of Svenska ord, second edition.

Search in Svenska ord, Lexin, second edition.

The download of the resource is restricted. The resource cannot be used commerially and is therefore restricted to researchers at certain Swedish universities. Please contact the director of Språkbanken, Lars Borin, (sb-info at svenska . gu . se) for further information.

Download Svenska ord/LEXIN second edition
Storlek: Around 20 000 entries
Format: XML
Documentation: see the web version of LEXIN - Svenska ord.